Member 2 Member Benefits

The member to member discount program is designed to enhance your membership value and provide a unique marketing opportunity while encouraging members to do business with other members. Add your business to our growing list of participating members!

Participation in the M2M program is FREE and only available to merchant members! By participating in this program, you will gain:

  •     Increased visibility in merchant publications and promotions
  •     Increased sales & revenue for your business
  •     Access to the purchasing power of merchant members and their employees

The following guidelines have been established to make participation in the Member-2-Member Discount Program a rewarding experience. Please note that these guidelines are subject to change without notice.  All members in good standing must have a merchant card to participate.

  1. Only members who are current in their membership are eligible to offer their goods and services through the M2M Program.
  2. Only offers that are exclusive to merchant members (business or non-profit) are eligible. Programs or discounts offered to the general public are not eligible for the M2M Program.
  3. M2M participant offers will be listed online along with participant contact information until you cancel your offer, or your membership has expired. A brief description of offers must be provided by participating member for posting on the Merchant website.
  4. M2M discounts are not valid on prior purchases.
  5. There is no charge for listing as a participant of the M2M program on the website. The listing will contain a descriptive offer and contact information.
  6. Participation does not require a minimum discount. Participating members can determine the type of discount, extent/value of their offer, limitations, or to whom the offer will extend (Merchants members, their employees, etc.)
  7. Political activities are prohibited from M2M sponsorship.
  8. The Merchants are not liable for any agreement, disagreement, merchandise, service, product, or item purchased or received by the members under this program, regardless of claim.
  9. The M2M Program does not grant exclusivity for any product or service to any participating member.
  10. Any merchant member with a membership in current standing is eligible to redeem offers from other merchants.  You do not need to have an offer listed from your business to participate. 
  11. Any member must show their current membership card to a business to receive their discount/promotion.

The discount/offer list is updated on a regular pass so check back often to see if there are any new member offers being added.

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