Merchant BINGO is a special program to encourage the community to actively support restaurants and other local businesses in North Andover this holiday season. Our promotion will run from 11/25 through 12/24 and will be a “bingo-style” game in which participants shop and dine at local.

How To Play: Download and print your card, or pick one up from at participating business. Merchants will mark their square on your card with any purchase. There are two ways to win.

  1. 4 Squares!  You can win by marking 4 squares across, 4 squares down OR 4 squares diagonally. Weekly winners will be drawn every Sunday night between now and 12/24
  2. Super Shopper! You will automatically win a $100 Gift Card to any participating business (your choice) when you get every square on the board marked. 

Email your completed card to us at [email protected]

Download and print a BINGO card. There are three options. They all include the same businesses, just in different order on the card.